Today I have no ideas. I would stop reading if I were you. I don’t have a clue. My expression is vacant and moronic. Well it would be, if “moronic” were not too big a word for an uninspired day.

Don’t do anything

If you can get away with it, don’t do anything on a day like this. On a “bad mood day”, avoid people. On a “know nothing day”, avoid life. Well major decisions anyway. Do as little as possible.

Do anything

Or, you can play it differently. Do anything. Anything at all. The chances of it feeling right are negligible. So do anything. You don’t have your usual guidance system to limit you. Intuition is on strike. Experiment.

Write a “could do” list

I like “could do” lists. Lists of possibility. Ideas to play with. If you felt like it, you could do anything. If you didn’t feel like it you could still do those things. Possibility wakes you up to… well, possibility.

Small risks

Nothing feels right today so take small risks. They expand your world but they don’t feel right. They feel slightly wrong. A good risk feels a little scary but not terrifying. It feels like hanging off a rock when rock-climbing. Ok, to be honest, when you first start rock-climbing it feels horrible – what the hell am I doing?! Later it feels good.

Ask questions

So you don’t know. It’s a great time to ask questions. Ask random questions, the sort you asked when you were eight. Why does an octupus have three hearts? Why is the sky blue? What causes southern lights?

And if you’re game: what do I need to know? How can I get unstuck? What is really important today? How could I turn this day around?

Don’t Know Phase

And if the “know nothing day” extends to a week or year? You really need to shake it up. Force ideas. Try random things. Sign up for stuff. Read a good book.

And if that doesn’t work. Maybe you’re tired. Have naps. Or hungry. Snacks. It may be simple in the end. You don’t have to get it right. Just turn up and have a go.

But what do I know.