Cockatoo 2 114

Miss Yardley has yet to define what this blog will be about. She expects it will probably involve the many and varied ideas flinging round her head looking for a home. Ideas to play with. For instance:

  • If the world really did revolve around you, would the seasons suddenly change? Cuba might become chilly and Norway warm and sunny. Weather is important so culture must change as well. This might lead to dancing Norwegians and earnest Cubans.
  • How to live a fun and interesting life while contributing in some way, to something…
  • That big Mystery…who’s running the show? Little things like that.
  • How to not run in the rat race because there are rats in that race and no one wants to be a rat. Rats probably don’t even want to be rats.
  • How to not fit in because fitting in always feels uncomfortable. Square pegs just do not fit into round holes (this can be learned from those pre-school block games).
  • How is “fitting in” different to “belonging” (where you can just be your own weird self)?
  • Questions. Lots of questions. My mother once said to me “you question everything”. “Do I?” I said. I like questions, lots of questions.

Astrology and cat naps….chat fests and festivals…dancing and singing and doing some things badly just for the hell of it.

We’ll see….