Quantum Physics says that you get what you expect. The results of experiments reflect the expectations of the researchers, or something like that. Sub-atomic particles apparently behave according to the belief of the viewer. New Age types call this the Law of Attraction. The book and movie “The Secret” were based on this idea. But is it true? It’s certainly interesting.

Focus on the negative – Hunchback’s Horse

When I focus on what is wrong in my life, the wrong things certainly seem to multiply. Dwelling on the negative feels terrible. You’re no fun to be around. People avoid you or get annoyed with you. You become a lot less popular. Act like a victim and people tend to treat you like one – the role of persecutor is just screaming to be filled!

When you’re like this, people don’t usually chase you with opportunities. And, if they do, you probably won’t appreciate that opportunity anyway. It seems like hard work, there is surely something wrong with it, that gift horse has rotten teeth and a limp, it’s “Hunchback’s horse”.

Focus on the positive – what a wonderful world

On the other hand, when I focus on the positive, that seems to multiply too. Birds sing, sun shines, wind sweeps the land new, rain washes away the grit and grime and waters the plants. You get the picture. When you focus on what’s good, your day is better. People enjoy being around you. You are invited to things. People think you might be a good choice for that new exciting opportunity. You find the opportunity exciting too, or you are at least glad to be asked. In this grateful positive mood you are lovely to be around and a great choice for life to reward.

Energy compatibility

So what does the Law of Attraction say? It says that like attracts like, that you attract what you match. Happy people want to join up with happy people and misery loves company.

Don’t want shows what you Do Want

So what do you want? I’m not sure what I want but I know what I don’t want. Ok, that’s really not ideal (it probably shows that I’ve been a bit negative lately) but it’s a start. I don’t want “hard, frustrating, scary and heavy”. I want to drop the sense of “unworthiness”. “Confusion, loneliness and loss” aren’t much fun. So, I guess I want the opposite, What would that look like?

  • Hard becomes Easy
  • Frustrating becomes Flowing
  • Scary becomes Exhilarating
  • Heavy becomes Light
  • Confusion becomes Clarity
  • Unworthy becomes Worthy
  • Lonely becomes Supported
  • Loss becomes Gain

And let’s throw in fun, humour and magic just for the hell of it, just because I like them.

An experiment

What would happen if I replaced my negative nasties with these powerful positives? What would happen if I built new stories with words? What if I swapped the old word with it’s opposite every time one of them came to mind? It might even be fine to acknowledge when I honestly find something “hard” . I could then ask “how could I make this easy?” Brains like to answer questions. My mind might become more positive. If it did, would reality follow? Would my life change?

False versus true experiment disclaimer

I am about to go and visit my sick grandmother. I want to try this experiment but I am nervous about being false. This may not be the appropriate time.  Just stick a happy face on it? It doesn’t sound right. But maybe the main point is simply awareness. I don’t need to force anything. I could just allow for other possibilities, different ways of seeing. My little list of words could remind me of the many ways to tell each story. Between the opposites of black and white are many colours. They all feel different.

My aim: to be true and to challenge what is true. I want to explore the possibility of a new kind of true.

What are your new words? Do you have another way to play this game?