Life is a miracle. Can we explain how it comes about? Can we understand how it is that we exist? No, not really.

Even physicists and gurus tend to get stuck with “what came before the Big Bang?” or “what is God?”. At that point the rest of us just open our potato chips and channel surf (ok, let’s be honest, probably quite some time before that).

Even if we understand some of it, we can’t really explain the existence of this energy that is Life. We’re born with this energy and it leaves our bodies when we die. Our world is a mysterious world. It’s a wonderful world. Maybe we are meant to simply “wonder” at this world.

Some ways to explore a wonderful world

  • Take photographs of life’s small wonders – it teaches you to see beauty
  • Write gratitude lists – simple daily blessings can be much more important than great big goals
  • Say thank you often and mean it (it feels good)
  • Enjoy foods you love –  really taste them
  • Watch a sunset
  • Watch a sunrise – I hear they’re great
  • Walk along the beach and get into the rhythm of life
  • Read widely – travel into other minds, explore the world without leaving home
  • Travel – explore the world by leaving home
  • Walk as transport – see more details and get fit (we were made to walk)
  • Play music, sing, dance
  • Do something badly – it’s surprisingly good fun
  • Focus on what’s good

I’m not sure if I believe we have only one life to live. Even if you believe in reincarnation,  it still  makes sense to savour every moment and live well.  It makes sense to appreciate the miracle of living. See small beauties everywhere, wherever possible. Life is good.

What makes you feel the wonder of this world?