I love words. Some words have special powers. I’ve just noticed the power of “it’s possible”.  It feels good. Give it a try. Apply it to good things.

When you’re a kid and someone says “we may be able to have ice cream if you’re good”, you get hopeful. It’s possible.  Life  isn’t set in stone against you. Good things might happen and you’ve already felt them, tasted them, seen them (in your dreams).

Let’s play with this:

  • It’s possible we could have world peace one day
  • It’s possible dentistry won’t be necessary in the future
  • It’s possible that my unlodged tax returns could yield thousands of dollars (better do them, that’s motivating)
  • It’s possible I might win that house (I did buy a lottery ticket this time)
  • It’s possible I might be able to dump admin and be a writer instead
  • It’s possible I could contribute positively to the world
  • It’s possible that cockroaches might die out as a species and be replaced with an abundance of butterflies (I like butterflies)
  • It’s possible that I might become more often strong and resilient instead of weak and whiny
  • It’s possible that someone might offer me lots of money to write a book (tomorrow)

“It’s possible” feeds fantasies and opens up hope in your heart. It also leads on to the question: how could I make this good feeling thing more possible and even likely? How could I help it along? How could I feed this dream and nurture this vision? What sort of magic might turn it into reality?

Could I start a cockroach killing petition? Maybe not.  If I recognise that ultimately we are all one (cockroaches being the shadow side of our evil split souls) cockroach killing campaigns might be self destructive. But maybe some cockroaches will vote to undergo genetic modification to make them more like butterflies.

Writing a book might be a good move in support of positive possibility (although probably not a book about killing cockroaches).

How  could we begin to phase out dentistry? Sorry dentists. It’s possible dentists could resolve the past life issues that led them into this hated profession. They might then become evolved mystics visited by adoring fans seeking to resolve their own karmic issues.

Ok, I’m being silly but “possibility” does lend itself to playfulness and playing with ideas leads both to silly ideas and not so silly ones. Possibility is playful and play is creative.

Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Possibility allows for something new. Turn the problem upside down, dissolve the barriers to change, see it differently. Is it possible?

What is possible for you?