I was counting on it. I was sure it was meant to be. It’s not over yet but it doesn’t look good. I am feeling needy about it. That’s not a good vibe.

Don’t you hate disappointment. Don’t you hate it when you expect it to work out, when you need it to work out… and it doesn’t.

After a disappointment, it’s easy to slip into worry and get heavy and negative. All is lost. You will never make changes. Just give up. Who do you think you are anyway?  Suddenly,  you feel bad about a life with many simple blessings.

Let’s face it, I eat well (a little too well lately), have good shelter in a pleasant location and a most excellent shower with endless hot water.

Even when I’m struggling I’m wealthier than about 95% of the world’s population. Ok , I don’t know the exact stats but just being born in a First World country means I am rich. So what am I really worried about?

Actually, “what am I worried about?” is the wrong question. I can manufacture a big bunch of answers to that one. They’ll have all the substance of a $2-shop-toy but I’ll line them up with pride.

“How can I stop worrying?” is the right question. Try these.

  • decide to stop and do it
  • repeat “my mind is running a viral program”
  • tell your mind to “shut the f#@$ up!”
  • remember that this worry makes no sense
  • ask: “what do I really need?”
  • ask: “what do I need to do?”
  • make a list of  things you can do
  • do the next thing
  • if that doesn’t work, try the one after that
  • move –  fight or flight responses are for running and fighting

Do not sit in a pool of worry soup making yourself sick and cranky. It never ever helps anything. If you have evidence to the contrary, let me know. But you don’t.  Just try to prove me wrong, help me justify my indulgence.

If worry were a food it would be purchased at a drive-through and come with “super-size me” options. You think you’re going to enjoy it but you always regret it. Worry is fattening, toxic and tastes terrible. Not one thing about it is nutritious to mind, body or soul. It could even be the death of you.

How do you stop the worry cycle?