Red dragons chasing the sun. There are six dragons on the rim of my new granny plates. Pairs of dragons run towards three wild red suns. I am glad they don’t all run around the rim in the same direction. That would be exhausting.

I went looking for granny plates after reading about “portion distortion”. Apparently, bigger plates trick us into thinking we’re not full. I should now have plates with pretty roses. When you look for small vintage plates, the chance of roses is high. I found only dragons. Maybe there’s something in that.

Growing fast

When you’re growing fast and possibilities tumble over one another, you start to chase the sun. You reach for the stars. You want to taste new foods and test new thoughts. It’s all so urgent. It needs to happen now!

You fear your powerful vision will disappear in a puff of smoke. The dragon in you wakes up and flexes its limbs after a long hibernation. You burn hot. It’s thrilling, exciting, overwhelming and uncertain. It’s too much.

So what do you do? Do you run, chasing that sun, devouring all the light you can catch? Or, do you calm down, slow down, remember it’s not an emergency? I think the answer is to do a little of both.


Let yourself tumble into this powerful new life, like a kid pelting down a long hill. Run for the joy of it, loving and worshiping the sun. Leave behind the fearful grasping of never getting there. Little kids don’t run that way, they run right here, right now, for fun (until someone teaches them competition).


We’re humans, not dragons with mythical powers (though you may have some mythical powers). Humans need rest and dreaming, good food, hugs, people to love, and fun. And whatever else you fancy.

I went to a NAAM yoga class for the first time last week. It was new and interesting. One fabulous thing the teacher said was this: you can’t grow without a strong foundation.

Strong foundations

In times of great growth, you need to “go with it” but you also need your feet firmly on the ground. Do normal human things. Eat, sleep, talk to friends, go to the movies. Let your soul dream big but not float off and scatter in the outer layers of the atmosphere.

Your soul needs the freedom to chase the sun but it also lives in your body. It needs to stay body-connected so it can fill you up. Let it feed your body and your difficult little human mind which is probably freaking out big time.

Notice how you feel

How do you feel? How does your energy feel? Is it centred in your body? Is it strong and expansive? Is it anxious or excited? Is it tight and afraid? Is it frantic and unsettled? Maybe you are bolting down a big hill for the pure joy of running with happy limbs.

Run like a sensitive horse

Happy Chinese New Year, year of the horse! Horses are sensitive and aware, strong and powerful. They use their instincts. Run like a horse, aware of yourself and your environment. Run like a little kid who thinks today is a wonderful day. Run because the running feels good – not to get there.

A beautiful direction

It’s not about getting there. There is no there.   You may choose to follow the sun at a gentler pace. Chasing the sun, or following it, is choosing a beautiful direction. The speed you travel doesn’t matter.

Walk forward day by day if that feels good, or run for the love of it. Whatever you choose, the sun will always shine brightly in the distance. Just enjoy it.