“Raisin toast with butter and jam! Raisin toast with butter and jam!”

There’s a drumming circle of tiny tots in the local library. I came here to write because the flat next door is being demolished (renovated) with a jackhammer. Toddlers with djembes win.

I have a lot to do. I am stressed. On my current list: a new day job, a new home and a career transition.  I wanted quiet to work on serious things. Too bad, so sad.  The world doesn’t revolve around me. It probably doesn’t orbit you either.  What can we do about this?

Find it funny

Right now, I have to admit it’s funny.  I entered the library expecting refuge; deadly quiet and the comforting presence of books.  Instead there are tiny tots on percussion chanting about breakfast. God is playing a joke on me. Surely God has better things to do. I certainly hope so but I do think God has a wicked sense of humour. I can be a bit precious. “Raisin toast with butter and jam!” Yeah!  

Go with the flow

I am behaving out of character. I may be growing up. When I heard the  jackhammer start I wanted to throw a wobbly. The landlord told me renovation starts after I move out (in three months time). I caught myself. Getting furious will only make me miserable. I chose to give up and give in. I cannot work at home today. I chose to go to the library where it is always quiet.

We’re in this together

I amaze myself today. I am being so mature. I chose to talk it through. Instead of fuming and imagining the worst, I knocked on the door of the demolition site.  It was answered by a guy in a WWII gas mask. I asked about the jackhammer. They are cutting a hole in the kitchen wall. That sounds fun. Can I help?

It’s not great but I have made contact. I can plan my day. I can work around it. They are just doing their job. We’re in it together.

What can I do?

Today, the new mature me has dropped”why me?” The new me asks instead “what can I do?” There is a lot I can do. It’s not ideal but it is possible to work in the library with the pint-sized drumming circle. If that defeats me, I could work at my lane-way coffee shop after rush hour. The owners are lovely. It’s not great but there are options.

Life happens

Life happens. You can’t plan for it. Give up, give in, work with what’s in front of you.Talk to people. Ask for help. Unplanned can be interesting.

Toddlers are drumming and chanting while I write. I have to admit it is super-cute. “Cheeky little monkey, ooh ooh, aah aah. Big scary lion, rah rah rah”. The beat takes over, writing to the beat. “Mambo in my tummy, yum, yum, yummy.” I could get into this.