Some days your intuition is clear and strong as the sun. It’s a guiding light. Other days are overcast. You know the sun is still there but it doesn’t shine through. It’s foggy down here at ground level.

I know that when my intuition is strong I make much better decisions. I feel comfortable even if I’m out of my comfort zone. Life flows and has a sense of rightness.

A higher knowing

I think of intuition as being a higher knowing, an inner knowing. Intuition has a wider picture than my conscious understanding.

If we all have God energy then surely that God-in-us knows more than our conscious minds. That energy knows what works best.

Bossy drunken mind

If the mind is a great servant but a bad master why do we put it in the driver’s seat?

Mind can be so bossy. It’s the obnoxious ranter at the party. It’s the staggering drunk. The less it knows the louder it gets. It feeds on fear. Everyone is friend and foe, it could go either way.

Intuition is the quiet one in the corner taking it all in.

Logic doesn’t make decisions

Logic can be useful for winning debates but it doesn’t help you make good decisions. Rational pros and cons often cause a stalemate. Both sides may be equal. You can argue either side of the debate. Intuition tells you what to choose.

Negative proof

Often intuition seems to prove itself when you don’t follow it. When you do follow your intuition life flows. You are in the right place at the right time. Things work better. You avoid dramas that only happen if you ignore the messages.

If I look at, or think of, my umbrella a few times before leaving the house, I will need it that day. That little nudge is a better predictor of rain than the weather report or the  clouds outside.

Get quiet

It’s definitely harder to hear your intuition when you’re  super busy or very stressed. That bossy mind is distracting.

Get quiet. Sedate the drunken mind so you can talk with the wise one in the corner.

When there is no message

What if your intuition doesn’t say anything?  There is no message. You’re listening but it’s still not clear.

I think sometimes it just doesn’t matter. There isn’t a strong right or wrong. It really doesn’t matter if you choose the fish or the chicken.

If it’s important and you’re listening you will hear it.

How do you follow your intuition?

We each experience our intuition a little differently.  The language of the senses often describes our guidance.

How do you experience your intuition?  Does one choice feel better than another? Do you just know which way to go? Do you see symbols or real scenes that tell you what to do? Do you hear words that guide you?

Your drunken mind talks a lot but it can’t walk a straight line. Pat it on the head. Give it a blanket. Let it sleep. Let the wise one drive.

How do you follow your intuition?