There’s a flow to nature. It moves at a pace that makes internal sense. By contrast, our human constructions can feel quite inhuman.

Not that nature is always slow. Wind speedsrips and tears. Rain floods and  lightning strikes. But then it drops off. Weather changes. It builds and subsides. The moon waxes and wanes. Tides come in and go out again.

Life at “Nature Pace” ebbs and flows. Things are born and they die away.

That’s really how life is but we impose a lot of artificial human urgencies. We don’t always live naturally. It’s not so good for our bodies and minds to push constantly and squash in too many things.

We’re human. We get sick. We get tired. Our loved ones get sick, tired and sometimes they die. Babies don’t sleep; new parents operate on minimal sleep.

Excellence matters; it just doesn’t matter as much as humanity. It doesn’t matter as much as kindness, caring, being reasonable, co-operative and real.

Nature ebbs and flows. So do we. Sometimes we are capable of greatness and sometimes we can only manage the basics.

Whatever your choices, keep Nature Pace in mind. It may be slower but it’s not really about that. It just moves differently. Like a good dancer,  it has rhythm: the natural rthythms of our bodies at their most healthy.

Walking on the earth has been shown to slow us down and make us heal. Movement has proved to be necessary for healthy minds. Sunshine lightens our moods.

If I have walked in the sunshine, sat under a tree, watched the tide, felt the wind, I feel at home in my own skin. Nature tells me how to be. The earth has a sane rhythm, if we listen to it. It’s not always kind but it’s real.