I honestly thought there were no green cars in the world. Ok, maybe not none, but very few. I was certain that few people chose to have a green car. Now I see them all the time, everywhere. There are so many green cars I’m astounded I never saw them before.

In my defence, I’m a non-driver. Apart from beautiful old cars with curves and chrome, I don’t notice them much. Put it this way, I notice when a vintage fire truck toodles past but that’s about it. Until I started purposely looking, I thought most modern cars were some sort of greyish pearly greyish… I would lose interest.

Looking for green cars was an experiment. The idea was to randomly pick something and count how often it turned up in a day. I forget how many I saw. I wasn’t outside much but I needed more than two hands. And the experiment keeps on giving. I keep on seeing them. I swear they are breeding.

The next day I chose something I thought would be more obscure, purple feathers. I thought this would be difficult. I didn’t even have to leave home. My purple pack of angel cards had uncountable numbers of purple feathers in (often) purple wings. I also found them was in the tacky toys and plastic doo-dads market – feather boas, cheap hair clips, fascinators… one extreme to the other. Apparently you find purple feathers in the spiritual realm and in striptease.

Purple feathers and green cars. The point was this, we filter out a lot of information. We see what we’re looking for. We see what we expect. I’ve learnt that green cars do in fact exist and now they’ve become ridiculously prolific in my world. Everyone now drives a green car.

What to do with this

  • What might you see if you decided to look?
  • What question needs an answer?
  • What do you need to look for?
  • How could this be easy?
  • How could I make this change?
  • What would work here?
  • What do I need?

Choose something random to experiment with. Prove it to yourself. Then choose something that matters to you. You might start to see it everywhere. I still don’t care about cars but green cars have become a symbol. They remind me that life is abundant when you look at it.