If you think of yourself as “spiritual”, you may try not to get mad. You may also pretend you don’t get angry, sad, upset or devastated. And you would never blame things on other people. That would be projecting. You wouldn’t do that!

Then again, denying feelings is bad for your digestive system. It makes you constipated. It sucks the lifeblood out of you. Lifeblood is reactive. Blood flows through our veins and we react. Energy flows. You have a pulse.

Maybe you sometimes you want to punch people, just lightly on the nose to make a point. You want to cry your guts out, sob like an overwrought kid. It’s necessary to react. It’s necessary to feel. And it’s necessary to do something with it.


Julia Cameron says “make something of it”. She says that when we’re mad out of all proportion we should “make something of it”, literally. Create. Move with the music. Move with the muse. Let the music take you over. Let the drama take you. Let the moment move you.

So feel it. Admit it. Admit the things you’re not supposed to feel. Get into your rebel mind.

There are too many rules. Do we need all of them? Do some rules just keep us under control? Is that always necessary?

It’s not always healthy to act like you don’t give a damn. So get in touch with the rebel in you.

  • What does your rebel mind want?
  • What do you want? (rebel or not)
  • What thoughts are you not supposed to think?
  • What feelings are you not supposed to feel?
  • What do you really, really want that you’re not supposed to want?

The rebel in me sometimes wants to scream. She likes to fight bullies. The rebel in me wants to fight for those who can’t and punch bullies in the nose (just enough to shock them, not enough to cause a nose bleed).

The rebel in me thinks that beige is blah and supermarket shopping sucks. She likes the look of vegetables but not so much the taste of them. Glorious colours.

She loves rich salted caramel tarts and coffee. Normal me restricts her coffee intake, it makes her jumpy. Rebel me likes to fire up on caffeine. Rebel me wants a whole lot of sugar. She likes to dance all night and sing loudly.

What about you? Let Rebel You out for a bit, or she will create havoc and come out when you least expect it. Give in and give her the dance floor for an evening.