One of my favourite childhood memories is jumping down the hill in my cardboard “stalk”. It was my own daffodil design in the spring fancy-dress parade. I hadn’t factored in the walking. It was a long hill but I was young with lots of energy.

I expected to win, having enjoyed early success as a toddler bunny rabbit. It made me a bit competitive and the results of each subsequent parade were a bit of a let down. Even so, I still love the memory of my imperfect stalk creation.

On my printer at the moment sits my imperfect christmas tree angel with crazy electric hair. Made just last year. Making it was an antidote to the scary hostage incident in my city that week.

I was lucky to be raised in a creative environment. It was ok to play a bit, to enjoy imperfect creation. It was ok to make it up as you go. It’s good to remember that.

Your experience might have been different. I know many people feel uncomfortable creating. You may have been discouraged. Maybe there was a lot of pressure to do it well?

But it’s ok now, if you want to.

About making stuff

  • It’s fun
  • No one has to see it
  • It let’s your brain shift gears
  • To see who you are
  • Creating is human
  • New perspective

Fun – worth doing because you don’t really want to spend your life doing only the un-fun stuff (like taxes and superannuation calculations – unless those are fun for you)

No one has to see it – you can just do it for you. There is always the danger that you’ll want to show another human but you can calculate that risk when you get to it. Enthusiasm can be a dangerous energy.

Brain shift – creating shifts your brain. Yep, you’re going to get in the zone and maybe use the right side that’s been on snooze for a while. Don’t worry, it’s very relaxing. Just breathe.

To see who you are – what you make will probably express you. You might be interested to meet you. My Christmas angel is my idea of The Creator’s helpers – crazy, original and powerful.

Creating is human – if you have a pulse you can use it to create something new. It’s not only the kids that need play. It feels good.

New perspective – have you ever strained your brain trying to solve the same old problem? No, me neither. I would never do that. Creating an “unrelated something” has a way of putting things in a new light. Solutions drop from the ceiling and often hit you on the head.

But I think the best reason is “just because”. Make things that feel good. If you need a permission slip to do it, I’ll write you one.