Do you ever feel a little bit overwhelmed? Is there just too much information coming at you? Too much static?

We can all suffer the effects of “too much” at times. Especially those of us who are more introvert than extrovert.

I used to live alone and without a TV. I still live alone most of the week but I have a TV now. At first it was fun. I had all those episodes of Big Bang Theory to catch up on. I even got addicted to watching The Bachelor – ‘absolutely shocking’ said my old uni friend, descendent of generations of intellectuals. ‘But fascinating!’ I said.

So anyway, TV was fun again, until it took me over. I started to use it like a substance, to numb out.

I notice there are way more ads than there used to be. And they seem designed to make us roller-coaster between happiness and insecurity. That makes sense. If we don’t feel insecure we don’t need to buy a lot. A sense of security is probably bad for the economy! But it feels damn good when you can get it.

So this week, having felt quite “out of sorts”, over-stimulated and over-tired, I decided TV was off-limits for a few nights. Why?

  • to calm down
  • to have time and space to hear myself think
  • to reduce the information overload
  • to get some housework done (not very exciting but it’s easier to fit in without broken attention)
  • because right now I need “outflow” not “inflow”
  • because sometimes less is more (check out

Calming down

For me, TV is a lot of noise and overstimulation on some days. It demands attention, especially when those very loud advertisements come on. I need a little quiet.

Right now, I can hear a heavy downpour outside and scattered drops hitting the windowsill. And the keys of my laptop tapping. I can hear the lift in my building and neighbours living. That’s it.

Hearing myself think

Without the overload, I find I do have some ideas and something to say. Often a lack of ideas is just information overload. Like music, ideas need space between them. When you get quiet and potter a bit the ideas start to form.

Reduce information overload

We have so many chances to take in information but our minds need time to process it. You can’t make anything with all that input if you’re taking in more and more and more. Maybe it’s a bit like using up the stockpiled food in the freezer. It feels good to make something with what’s already there.


Not exciting but hey it’s nice when the shower is clean and the kitchen is clear. It’s not World Peace but it’s a little bit of clarity and it has to be done.

Outflow, not inflow

As above. Inflow needs to flow back out, otherwise you get all dammed up.

Less is more

Less can be more. Choose the good bits. Watch what makes you laugh or think. Read a book. And when you’ve had enough, stop. Stop eating, reading, watching, consuming. Let your dreams and ideas rise to the surface like good cream. Clean the bathroom, if need be.