I spent my childhood reading. Ok, not all of it. I also climbed trees and rode bikes and swam at the beach but reading was one of my favourite things. I wasn’t good at sport, or even interested in it. But exercise is often the answer now I’m older. Everything works better with exercise. Even when you’re tired, exercise often improves things.

That doesn’t mean super fitness but it does mean at least a good long walk daily. And I’m not old so it needs to be an energetic walk for an hour. I’ve been stressed lately, really stressed. Saturday morning we went for a long walk around a beautiful park. We ran a bit too, and did some lunges and step-ups. We played. It was fun. And I feel so much better.

It is the answer

If you’re like me, you might be inclined to try to work it all out with your brain. Trust me though, your brain has really dumb ideas when it’s living in stress-bunny soup. It makes no sense and it doesn’t generate new ideas.

Go for a run. Go for a walk. Do some yoga. Climb a wall or a tree. Swim. Dance. I guarantee it will make you smarter.

Start small

We didn’t do that yesterday. My legs are a bit sore but it had to be done. I was stressy and no fun at all.

But still, if you can start small, it won’t hurt.  For tips on this, check out Leo Baubata’s Zen Habits. He has many posts that talk about the value of starting small to make big changes. The habit is the key.

Start big

Or, you can just jump in and hurt a little bit. I’m not talking pushing yourself to injury. I’m talking about doing a run/walk. Run a bit, walk a bit. Run for a short time, walk to recover. Just as much as you can. Puff enough to make endorphins. They work better than chocolate and potato chips.

Make it fun

You don’t have to do the gym. It was the 90’s last time I went to a gym but for a decade I danced salsa several times a week. I could dance for hours and hardly notice. The music and the endorphins helped calm me down a bit.

Do something new

I confess I’m kind of proud of that non-gym going record but it might be time to break it. Who knows, maybe I would like the gym. I might even like bootcamp. Can we call it something else? I could try it and then decide whether I hate it!

You can get stuck doing the “same old, same old”. You can get stuck defining (limiting) yourself in ways that no longer serve you. Group exercise could be fun. I do like a laugh.

I definitely need to get fit and stick to it. My brain depends on it. Maybe I will try the gym. I hear the outfits have changed. What will I wear?