Do you resist your creativity? Does it feel better when you just do it?

I sometimes resist doing creative things. I think it’s when I’m bored or tired. When I’m tired I guess I just need rest. But the boredom one, that’s weird. It’s as though I don’t want to ruin my boredom. Must protect that!

Creativity wakes me up. It makes me feel. It reminds me that I don’t like being switched off in my life. I may need to make changes. But it’s also just good messy fun. Pretty harmless.

Why do you resist creativity?

So if you also avoid creating, why is that? Do you just not know what to do? Creativity can be anything. It doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t have to be well-executed. It just has to be mucking around with what you have at hand. Doodling on the page counts.

Or, does creativity remind you who you are and you’re trying to forget? Or, do you just not like fun much? Maybe it’s a big deal with a lot of issues. But it can just be a small deal and a little play.

Does it make you feel better?

Be honest. Do you feel better when you make stuff? Do you get lost in the flow? Do you understand things from a new perspective? Maybe you just like finger-painting. I do, it feels good and the colours blend so smoothly.

I think, usually, creativity feels better. It’s who we are as humans. Our brains like to make new connections. We learn in movement. Creating is doing and it’s doing things new (not just doing new things).

What do you like to do?

So, if it does feel better, what do you like to do? Maybe it’s finger-painting, or playing with crayons, or sketching (well or badly, both feel good). Maybe it’s singing, chanting, humming, playing guitar like Clayton. Maybe it’s cooking, or baking, sewing or making model planes. It could be messing around with electronics or timber.

Creativity is just playing with raw materials to make things. It might be words, or wires, hair, thread, eggs, sound…whatever is in your world…what can you do with it?

What’s the point?

Does there have to be a point? That’s the great thing about creativity, there doesn’t have to be a point. Just play. And if you need a reason to play, play is good for you. There’s research. Look for it, you’ll find it. But if you need a point, make something for someone you love. Something silly and personal. Just for fun.

Oh look, I’ve made a blog post. Not perfect but it will do. I’m feeling a little more alive. What else can I make? I have glue, scissors and a cat….

No, make that glue and scissors….