Do you ever wake up in a bad mood? No? Didn’t think so. It must be just me.

It is hard to drop the mood when you wake up cranky. It can be hard to want to change it. Sometimes it’s physical. You’re not feeling well. You’re tired. You ate too much lasagna last night.

If you wake up this way, a positive attitude may have to wait until tomorrow. But some things can still help.

Minimise contact

This is for the “slathering beast” mood. You may not even know why you feel so bad but it’s clear you do. Today, people contact is a bad idea. Minimise the damage. Minimise the contact. Stay quiet and self-contained. Avoid collateral damage.

Sure, address real issues but not today. You are lacking your usual judgement. You know you’re unreasonable but no one should comment if they want to live.

Have treats

If necessary, make it doughnuts, potato chips and chocolate. Although unless you want (pardon the pun) bigger problems down the track, try other treats first. Just ask “what will make me feel a little better”. Read a magazine at lunchtime (a good quality mag, or a junky one, whatever you fancy). Add a small hot chocolate (with a marshmallow). Turn your phone off and put your feet up.

And if necessary, there’s always a large packet of potato chips.

Give (a little)

Today you are not Mother Teresa, whatever your usual character. But try giving just a little anyway. Give a couple of dollars to a busker you like or the smiling woman who collects money for charity every single day. Today you won’t feel like it but do it anyway. It may even make you smile when you really do not want to!

So do it, but refer to the first point. Minimise contact (just in case).

Let yourself smile

Ok, I’ll ‘fess up. I was in one foul mood late last week. Next to the dictionary definition of “snappy” was a picture of me. Not proud of it but it happens.

But even so, how could I not be charmed by the two year old I met that day in the office. At our first meeting he hid behind nana’s leg. Minutes later he opened my office door and toddled in to say hello and hang out. Over the next half hour he returned again and again. No sentences yet but he was unafraid. I did not want to smile but that was just adorable. Damn it!

Some things will make you want to smile. Resist. Do your best.

Watch a baby polar bear clip

I hear cat videos are the staple of the internet. Now I like cats, and dogs, but for super-cute you can’t go past a baby polar bear. Watch several clips if you need to. It won’t work magic but it will take the edge off. In the absence of chatty toddlers, it will do the trick.

How do you take the edge off a bad mood day?