Some people are never your people, no matter how long you know each other. You’re different animals. You live in different soul habitats. It’s not that you dislike each other, you’re just different.

Then there are “your people”. You get each other’s jokes. Similar things interest you. You didn’t know someone else felt the same way. You spark off each other.

I had dinner recently with someone I used to work with. We haven’t spent a lot of time together but we got each other’s jokes the first hour we met. Within a short time we were hooting with laughter confusing onlookers. Seeing her again reminded me that some people are just “your people”.

While the world is full of people and it’s interesting to know many of them, some people are naturally friends when you meet.

I also have this with a friend I’ve known for over twenty years. We have really different lives now but she’s one of my people too. We may not talk for six months but phone calls last three hours and end due to phone ear. We’d keep talking if we could. A two hour call feels abrupt, we’re just warming up.

With those friends, the conversation is often enlivening and enlightening. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not solving world peace, but we “get” each other and extend each other’s visions.

We don’t see everything the same way but the themes that interest us are common. For me, with those friends, the tough stuff is also funny. The meaning is prodded out of things. Books and movies get a mention.

See your people

So I’m thinking this is a good reminder to make time for “your people”. Spending time with them feels like home, it makes the randomness of the big bad world much easier to cope with.

  • Who belongs on a list of “your people”?
  • How can you make more time for them?
  • If you’re looking for your people, what might they be like?

Go looking

If you need more of “your people”, go looking. Do what you like to do, read what you like to read. Try new things too, you never know what you might like. There may be a whole group of your people in surprising places.

That’s all really. You know your people like you know yourself. They’re soul family. Sometimes they just like eating cake and drinking coffee with you. But when you’re with them it’s not the cake and coffee that matter.