Less thinking is, I think, a really great idea. Irony is a wonderful thing too.

We think too much. Well I definitely think too much. It doesn’t help. It usually confuses the hell out of me. When you think too much you get stuck on what to do. So what’s the answer?


Somatics is the study of feeling in order to know. Somatic therapists might define it differently but that’s my understanding. Feeling takes quiet time. When you can’t hear yourself think, it could be more accurate to say that you can’t feel yourself feel. You are numbed out. Your face is a mask, your chest is tight, you are barely breathing.

Your posture is who you’re be-ing

Somatic therapists say that the way you hold yourself physically is the way that you are being in the world. Your body language communicates the role you are playing in the world.

Have a look at the TED Talk by Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist who confirms that posture changes body chemistry. Depressed postures feed depression. Powerful, confident body language feeds power and confidence. Interesting.

It sounds crazy but think of it this way, body language is the basis of acting. Without posture, movement and voice tone, acting isn’t possible. Without them, all you have is a script. Classically trained actors learn to neutralise their posture so they can become anything. Unkink the kinks and you have the freedom to add them later.

The magic of wordlessness

Life coach and author, Martha Beck, writes about the power of wordlessness (Finding Your Way in a Wild New World). She writes about the power of giving your brain a rest and tuning in. Thoughts are often disconnected with the present moment. And the present moment is the only place we can do anything.

Martha also writes about Oneness and an awareness that we are energetically connected with all life. She speaks of feeling “what wants to happen” and acting on those callings. But first the listening. Not strategy. Not analysing. Not ‘picking apart’ or  ‘pros and cons’ or ‘for and against’.

This is a woman with multiple Harvard degrees. She’s done a lot of thinking. She’s very good at it. But this very smart woman has concluded that lots of thinking is no way to run your life. Well ok, it does work, in a limited way. It works in service of “what wants to happen”.

Sure, think about that; just don’t pull a brain muscle.