Every day is different. One morning is damp and misty, the birds are quiet in the trees. The sun comes over the hill and briefly lights a gap in the cloud.

Another morning, the kookaburras go crazy, the whole clan making the hills clatter with sound.

On a different day, there is early rain. The cockatoos wash their wings at the top of the conifers, bending branches at crazy angles, leaving them all scruffed up.

I’ve started a new practice and I love it. For many years I’ve written a morning journal. The new part is a tiny change. I’m trying to improve my sleep cycles by getting early morning light so I now take a chair out to my balcony to write. It’s a very small change but it’s wonderful. I’m surrounded by nature and I get a feel for the energy of the day.

As an office worker, I often feel disconnected from the weather and the feel of the day. Now I feel connected, first thing and it makes me feel more connected to life. It makes me feel grounded.

Some mornings, there’s a touch of pink on clouds. Other days the sun is a brassy show-off bursting over the hill. It may be cool before the day heats up.

What could you do to connect to the day?

  • Walk in the early morning
  • Do some yoga stretches
  • Meditate outside
  • Walk to work
  • swim laps and connect to the feel of water
  • stop at an outdoor cafe for breakfast and people watching

Consider these questions to find clues for yourself.

  • What makes you feel grounded?
  • What makes you feel connected?
  • What do you wish you had time for?
  • What makes you feel like yourself?

Your sense of connection may not come from a morning activity. Maybe you run at lunchtime, or just sit on grass with your shoes off. You might walk on a beach, or in a park, or just on busy city streets at the end of a long day. Whatever you choose, it connects you to the world you live in and the things that matter to you.

Maybe your sense of connection is moments with people, those you love, or just real moments with real people, whether or not you know them.

I think ultimately, this sense of connection I’m talking about is a sense of connecting to yourself, remembering who you are. Linking your soul to the larger wider beautiful world around you. It is a beautiful world. Mornings watching raucous cockatoos, misty rain, moody clouds, brassy sun…all of it is evidence of a beautiful world. Connecting with that world is a celebration of it. It’s all good, it’s all right.

Watch, listen, feel, connect.