Don’t know what to do? Get more information.

If you’re confused you must need more information, surely. We are all over-informed. Google doctor, google destinations, google google. The problem with information is that, with enough of it, all options tend to look both good and bad. You can argue both sides of the debate. Which leads to paralysis.

How do you discriminate? How do you know what to pay attention to?

Health articles online often contradict each other. And there’s often truth in the contradictions. Usually it’s a matter of degree but moderation doesn’t make headlines. As my mother says “all things in moderation…blah, blah, blah”.

How do you make use of information but still make your own decision?

Less is more

When it comes to information, less is more. Sure, scan what’s available but then step back from it. Do you need more information? Is it confusing you? Is there honestly a gap in your knowledge?

Get clear on the question

If you do need more info, get clear on the question. What do you need to know? Why do you need to know it? How will it help? Make sure the question is useful. Is it likely to lead to a useful answer? It occurred to me recently (and not for the first time) that Western Medicine asks the question, ‘what’s wrong?’. It doesn’t focus so much on ‘what’s right?’. Maybe ‘what’s wrong’ is not the best question.

Information overload

Just like ‘decision overload’ there is only so much information we can handle before we just get overwhelmed and befuddled. Yep, there’s me shaking in a corner after too much Google Doctor, trying to overstand (honestly an accident, I meant to write ‘understand’) why I feel so exhausted, anxious and overwrought. I wonder why? It’s such a mystery.

What’s the alternative?

So if more information isn’t the answer, what is? Maybe we could all try listening to ourselves. WHHHAAAT? I can’t hear you over all this noise.

Quiet & brain rest

Well, for me, the first thing is quiet. Get quiet. Empty your mind, stare at a wall. Let your brain rest. Let it decompress. Let it get over all that over-processing. Have a nap.

Slip into the right side

The left brain (logic brain) processes a small handful of info at once. The right brain is a genius. It handles millions of bits of info but it’s not verbal. It won’t give you a list of pros and cons. But if you can shut up and zone out for a while, it will give you a really good sense of what’s right (pun intended).

Get into your body

Rest if you need to rest, sleep if you need to sleep. Go for a walk to burn off nervous energy. Get in touch with your body and your feelings. Your genius right brain has a lot to tell you and it tends to do it through the body.

So listen to yourself. Feel your answers. Get quiet and chill out. You have enough information, more than enough. Get back to understanding.