What happened while you were sleeping? What did you miss out on?

We’ve become a bit weird about sleep. And maybe about life, for that matter. Does everything have to be “productive”? I think it’s a sickness. We didn’t always measure everything. We didn’t always need to justify the way we spent our time.

I think that’s why sleep is no longer fashionable. But we need it. We need rest. We are made for the night and the day. We are made for the rest and movement.

We need to sink into the richness of sleep like a good dessert. Yes, sleep allows us to make new cells and repair old ones. But, as Shakespeare put it, we also need to “knit up the ravelled sleeve of care”.

In sleep, we sink into ourselves. Our creative souls speak in symbols and dreams. In sleep we escape from our anxious grasping minds. We need this time to know ourselves.

We do need sleep. Try it again.

Practical – the “how to” of sleep

Consider this: 7-9 hours every night. Going to bed at 10, or whatever works for you.

I don’t remember ever really waking up well-rested as an adult. I’ve been hitting that snooze button for years. The ungodly hour varies but it never feels any more divine than it did yesterday.

This is no way to live. But I’ve found a solution, finally. I never knew just how important light is. I failed to understand that it triggers the hormones that govern sleep and wakefulness.

It’s simple. You need morning light, first thing, to tell your body it’s time to wake. Light does that better than coffee and much more calmly.

At night, before bed, you need low light, no screens (blue light). If you need to use a computer, install f.lux for free. After dark your computer gives off a softer, yellow light. Try it, it feels less intrusive.

So, for the last half hour before sleeping, I read by a low-wattage light. For the first time in my life, I start to yawn when it’s time to sleep. In the morning, I often wake before my alarm. It’s weird. I am ready to face the day. No pitchfork at my back or swear words on my tongue.

It’s a good change. And, as I get into this rhythm of enough sleep, I begin to dream again, deep dreams with symbols. Dreams that tell me about my life and what I need.

There are lots of sleep tips. Check them out if you want to. See what works for you. See if you like this retro luxury item.

It’s almost a rebel act to indulge in sleep. I find it as rich as chocolate cake and a lot less fattening. Yummmmm…..zzzzzzz

Oh look, a new day that starts without alarm.

Note: I drafted this a while back, and my good sleep habits are back to bad. That’s embarrassing. Start again, I guess. I’m off to turn off some lights.