Setting up a blog feels hard! I’m slightly technophobic. It’s not that I’m terrified of Technology, I’m just not really into Him, and He isn’t really into me either. We don’t speak the same language, our Relationship is strained.  “Oh, it’s you”, Technology says, “you never remember my birthday and now you need me?” I understand Shakespeare better than I understand tweet.

“Oh, it’s you”, Technology says, “you never remember my birthday and now you need me?”

This process feels like docking a large ship. Problem is, this ship is on full speed with a very distracted captain (possibly a drunken sailor). Right now I need to slow down, get the captain to bloody well focus, get the rope guy on the shore to wake up and tell Ego to get the hell out of there. Ego can usually be found tangling the ropes.

Ego can usually be found tangling the ropes.

In the midst of my epic struggle, I remember a story from Brené Brown during one of her many talks. On her family fridge is a magnet which reads “We can do hard things”. It’s an antidote to instant gratification. But I want it now! In her book Daring Greatly, Brené refers to some research on Hope. It turns out that Hope isn’t a fluffy emotion. Hope is more bulldog than dreamer. It’s motto is”never give up”. Hope looks like this:

  • Know what you want – set goals
  • Know you can do it – have faith in yourself
  • Stick to it until you get it (Plan B’s are fine – whatever it takes)

So in the spirit of Hope and “We can do hard things”, I’m about to dock this thang. It turns out that posting my first blog post is more like tethering a small dinghy to that pylon in the picture. The pylon is overkill and the seas aren’t really so rough. But I just couldn’t figure that out from a distance. So now I’ve done it; I’m a bit bruised and battered but it’s done. I admit there was some salty language at times.

At this point, Technology is still pretending to ignore me but he might read my Birthday text if I send him one. When was Technology born again? That’s right, he’s ancient; older even than this pylon. Every day is his birthday and he expects cake. He’s moody and changeable, and he’s had a lot of facelifts. Please don’t tell Him I said that! Nobody’s perfect.