What do you do when you have no ideas? What do you do when you’re hungry or thirsty? Feed yourself. Same thing.

Sometimes life just dries up. You’re sitting in dust. You will never have another idea. Nothing will ever really interest you again. You’ve seen it all. Really? Yes, really.

There’s a lot of world

The world is a big place but it’s only as big as your imagination. And your imagination is a shrivelled dry prune and you don’t even like prunes.

Stop sulking

Yep. I don’t know about you but when I feel this way it’s usually because I am sulking. I am badly sulking and I need to get over myself and stop it.

Tease yourself

If you did like anything in life, what would it be? If you did want anything, what would it be? If anything really did interest you, how might you start it?

Stare at the wall

Sometimes drought is just exhaustion. You need a rest. You need to stop everything. Staring at walls is under-rated. Ideas just bubble up when you get in a little bit of wall-staring time. Maybe it’s because being truly bored let’s your imagination run free. I don’t know.

Go for a walk

Go out for a walk. Take a camera if you like. See what’s interesting (even when nothing is). Let the rhythm of moving inform your mind of what it wants and doesn’t want. We are made to move.

Feed yourself a little

Complete the phrase “ I want”. Even if it’s salted caramel ice cream, at least you know you’re alive if you want something. Try it a few times. It could very well be that you want many things, and not all of them are fattening or unhealthy. And for those that are, at least it’s a start. It’s proof, that you are not yet dead.

Let yourself feel

When we don’t know what we want or we have no ideas, maybe we’re suppressing them. We do know what we think. We do know what we want but we’re trying not to want it or to think it. Think it anyway. A good dose of honesty (if only to yourself) will wake you up. A good dose of honesty will get you moving.

Honesty, desire and a little of that desire fulfilled. Drought needs rain. Thirst needs a beverage. Hunger needs food. Lack needs to be filled.

I don’t think any of us really can argue that the world is not an interesting place. So when we feel that, it’s us. We can fix us. We can feed us. We can make it rain. Say a prayer for rain.