A little change can be a big one. Big changes happen in small steps. Forget the big leap, try edging in a new direction.

I used to think I could only write one piece a week. I stressed about when to schedule a couple of hours to do it. I worried and sacrificed and I felt guilty when I didn’t do it. I made it a really big deal.

Then I tried something different. Now I write most days. Some days are exceptions. But I write daily where possible. I aim for just a little. Instead of stressing or avoiding it, I look forward to it. I allow myself to write.

Because the commitment is “just a little”, it’s easy to start. And yet, I often end up writing for half an hour, or even an hour. That can easily add up to five hours or more a week.

You can write quite a lot in five hours. But if I set that as the goal I would feel pressured. A little daily is do-able. It sends me in the right direction.

A little daily adds up to a lot of what I love to do and a large-ish body of work. Suddenly it’s do-able to write a blog and a book. In fact, a little daily produces so much work that I now need to decide on a larger project. What next?

Could you do just a little?

  • What’s one tiny commitment of time?
  • What’s one tiny action daily?
  • Where’s the wiggle room?

I think this approach has potential.

What could you do a little of? And then stop. Is there a hobby you want to take up again? What do you love that you want to find time for? What is missing? What do you need?

What would you like to do more of? Could you do “just a little”, most days? Direction is everything.