Is your energy is stretched thin? Are you pulled one way, pushed another?

Does everyone want a piece of you? Maybe you’re stuck in the past?

There are ceremonies in old cultures for calling your energy home. That makes a lot of sense to me. When you’re feeling thin and overstretched, call your energy back to you.

When I feel that way I sometimes say this (I think I made it up but I might be wrong): “Sending other people’s energy back to others with love, calling my energy back to me, with love”. It’s an alternative to that idea of cutting energy cords. It’s not that I want to actually cut cords, I simply want to redistribute the energy. Claim my own.

Sometimes we can live off-centre. We can live as though another person is our centre, or a job, or an obligation, or a habit. But our centre needs to be ourselves.

Our centre needs to be us

We need to be central in our own lives. Self-care needs to be maintained. That can mean different things to different people.

Through her research, Brené Brown was interested to discover that the most compassionate people actually had the strongest boundaries. I guess that means they feel entitled to say No. That means that when they give they truly choose to do so.

We can only give what we have

When you’re stretched too thin, you don’t have much to give. When you’re stressed and scattered, you don’t have much to give. You simply can’t give when you’ve got nothing left to give.

Julia Cameron refers to energy as a well. Create too much and eventually the well runs dry. Give too much and you become parched. When the well is empty you need to fill it.

Tending your own energy

Resting and feeding your own energy is the only way to have any. That means eating well (both healthily and joyfully), moving well (for fun and body strength), sleeping well (to rest, repair and to dream). It also means feeding your waking dreams, and doing the things that your soul loves just for fun.

What about you?

Answer a few of these, fill in the blanks at the end:

  • I want
  • I need
  • I love
  • I adore
  • I want time for

Who are you? How do you call your energy back to you? When you are full of energy, how do you feel?

Create your own ceremony

How do you call your energy back? Light a candle. Say a prayer. Use an affirmation. Have a nap. Sing. Run. Sleep. Sit under a tree. What works for you?