I’m embarrassed to admit it but I had a meltdown in the shopping centre yesterday. It’s official, I cannot stand shopping. And at Christmas time it feels like a cacophony of anxious energy. I soak up all that chaos. Can’t do it.

So this morning, when I woke early and a bit flat, I decided to use my morning writing to steer myself in a more positive direction. I decided to focus on a useful question. How can I have the best day possible?

My quiet self had answers. They involved a bit of yoga, followed by a short run. A good breakfast (boiled eggs and toast) followed by a little writing while the laundry runs. “Good for me” actions and creativity first, before anything else. Before going anywhere near a supermarket or department store.

So far I’ve done the yoga, the run, the breakfast, the laundry is going and this is the writing. So far, so good. I feel more grounded and sane. I have not had a meltdown about the state of my life or my kitchen. I must be on the right track.

Good questions and the not so good

The questions you ask direct your mind. What is wrong with my life? Yuck, can you feel that! Why does this always happen to me? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get it right?

Good questions lead somewhere useful. How can I be content? What am I grateful for? What is interesting? How can I make today easy and happy? What would I love to do today? How can I make it simple?

What positive question can you ask?

What do you need? What do your loved ones need? What really matters today (or right now)? What would make today a good day? What would feel good? What would make a difference?

The answers are there

I love a good question. Sometimes I just forget to ask them. Whatever you ask, the answers are always there. Your mind will find them. Your heart knows what it wants. Your body knows what it needs. Your soul knows how to heal. The question directs your line of inquiry. Make it a useful line of inquiry.

What is really important?

Out there in those shopping centres, the world feels frantic to me right now. There’s so much energy and it feels like anxiety. There’s a lot of advertising and consumerism gone mad.

But that’s not what Christmas is about. I don’t have a religious background. My partner does. But I understand at heart that Christmas is about hope and love. New life and sharing time with people you love.

I think of the three wise men following a star. Intuition leading them. Mystery leading them to celebrate new life. A baby born who is destined to teach love.

Whatever form your faith, it is all only about love. Whether your rituals belong to a religion or just yourself. The story is about love and following the star that leads you.

So what’s a good question? How can it be about love?