“Depression is anger without enthusiasm”

My love recently described me as a “wet mop in mud”. I would be offended but it was brilliant and funny. And accurate.

I have been a bit sick so I had some excuse but I got into a really negative spiral. Shortly after the wet mop comment he said “get angry!” Damn it, he was right. It worked. It got me moving. A rant can show you the funny side.

If depression is anger without enthusiasm, go find the enthusiasm. Get angry. It’s energy. What do you really think? Now do something about it!

I’m not saying you should act out on other people. When you squash anger down it comes out sideways. I was pretty awful to a woman on a banking helpdesk last week. She responded with perfect sarcasm. It’s been so lovely to talk to you today. I hung up the phone and cried. No one won. Ok, maybe she did. I felt like a bitch.

Julia Cameron, a creativity writer (The Artist’s Way and many other books) suggests writing a list of 50 things you are angry about. That sounds negative but when you write them down you get clear. Then you see solutions.

What are you angry about?

Make a list of things. Let them be big things, petty things, whatever. If 50 seems too big just do 10 or 20. This is a chance to be clear and honest. Leave a line between each one.

What could you do about it?

Look at your angry points. What could you do about them? Keep it short. Keep it simple.  Sometimes a rant gets it out of your system or makes it funny. Sometimes acceptance is needed. Sometimes you want to take strong decisive action.

Isn’t that a bit negative?

Yes, a bit but at least it’s out in the open. It’s specific and real. When you get real about what makes you angry, you can choose what to do. Generalised irritation splatters all over the walls and makes a mess.

Negative to positive

Anger is a teacher. It’s the very honest friend who tells it like it is. It shows you what matters. It shows what you want to change and to stand for.

Depression is giving up. Anger is a reason to get up and fight, love, move and change things. Anger shows you direction. “I DON’T want this” leads to ” I DO want that!”. Anger gives you the energy to turn it around.

What do you really think? What are you angry about? What’s wrong? How can you make it right? Find something worth fighting for.

At the same time, celebrate what’s good. Say thank you for this beautiful world. Be grateful, it feels good.

Anger isn’t so bad, it’s what you do with it.